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Giving of our resources is a core spiritual practice for Christians. It reminds us that all we have comes from God, and it helps us participate in God's dream of a world in which we all learn to love and rely on one another.

Many people establish a pledge - a commitment to give at a specific rate over the course of the year. Click here to make a PLEDGE. You can do this by mailing checks or setting up automatic payments online.

Do I have to give money to be a member?

Membership is about baptism. Those of us who regularly receive Holy Communion, participate in the ministries of the church, and give of our resources are called “members in good standing,” but that doesn’t mean that anyone is holier than anyone else.

We encourage all our members to make a pledge to Good Shepherd regardless of their income level. We don't distinguish between large and small amounts: elders on fixed income and children with allowances can give just as joyfully as those with traditional salaried jobs.

How can I decide how much to give?

We recommend the traditional practice of giving 10%, which is called a "tithe." But if that feels out of reach for you, we recommend choosing a specific percentage, calculating your gift, and then sticking with it for a while. It doesn't matter how wealthy or poor we are; God calls all of us to be generous in ways that stretch us and help us grow.

Make a gift today.

You can make a one-time, specific donation here or by mailing a check to the Church of the Good Shepherd, P.O. Box 3108, Federal Way, WA 98063 (please note that our P.O. Box ZIP code is different from that of our street address).