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Our weekly 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. service are now both hybrid, each with on-site and online options.

There are three ways to worship with us. One is to show up on-site at our service times. Another is to participate via Zoom; those on ​Good Shepherd's email list receive links to our Zoom services. Or, you can participate via our livestream on YouTube or Facebook. If you miss the service, fear not: it will be available on YouTube and Facebook for viewing afterward.

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​The Little Church with the Big Heart

We welcome you as you are, with no agendas hidden or strings attached. Bring all of your joys, fears, doubts, and questions.

We welcome you for where you’ve been, with all the gifts and hurts you’ve received from other places and people in your life. God loves you … no matter what. 

We welcome you into a community. We pray together. We gather every week to look and listen for God at work, to refuel for daily life, and to go back out to serve the world. 

We welcome you into Christianity. We follow and trust in Jesus Christ, the very face of God. We baptize with water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We prepare for baptism as people who grow and learn together. 

We welcome you to the Episcopal Church. We’re an old church with many traditions, and we’re also changing and growing. We center our lives around the Bible, church tradition, reason, and personal spiritual experience. 

We invite you to join the Church of the Good Shepherd, and we pray that it may become your center for a faithful life. 


 Shield of the Episcopal Church

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