The Landscape Campaign at Church of the Good Shepherd

Published by Josh Hosler on Wed, May 8, 2019 12:00 AM

GOAL: $35,000



Dear friends:

The Church of the Good Shepherd is a community of believers and seekers who learn and grow together. We want to know Christ and to make Christ’s love known to others. “The little church with the big heart” has a story to tell, but how do new people find their way into our story?

We take pride in the amount of hands-on work our members do to keep Good Shepherd’s buildings and grounds going—and rightfully so. But the work has gotten away from us, and now our property looks rather uninviting to those who have never met us before. If we want new people to find Good Shepherd, it’s time to make our outside match our inside.

Last summer, parishioners Mark Medlin and William Bradshaw found help for us in the form of Sue Goetz, an award-winning landscape designer. Sue has put together a comprehensive plan for the revitalization of Good Shepherd’s grounds, so that as people drive by on 312th, our little church will finally stand out among the crowd of churches.

On Sunday, March 17, Sue presented her plan at our noon coffee hour. Then, finance committee chair Karen White and fundraising campaign chairperson Mary McClellan Aronen announced the kickoff of a modest capital campaign to make the work happen. The landscaping plans are posted on the bulletin board in Seaman Hall and are also available for download here:



The graphics as they appear on the website are not large enough to see everything. To view the graphics up close, click the green Download button at the bottom of the page; then open the file and zoom in.

The total cost of the Landscape Campaign comes to over $127,000, but nearly two-thirds of that money is already available to us through advance donations and reserve funds. This means we only need to raise $47,000 to complete the project.

If all the members of Good Shepherd pitch in to the best of our ability, we can make this happen. We ask that you prayerfully consider making a gift.


If you’re not yet familiar with the plan, you probably have many questions. To ask about the specifics of the landscaping project itself, contact Mark Medlin. To ask about the financial side of the campaign, contact Mary McClellan Aronen.

We do indeed have a story to tell, and inside our doors is a welcoming community with a big heart. Let’s make our outside match our inside, so that all those who seek a welcome at Good Shepherd may find Christ dwelling among us.


Pastor Josh