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Episcopal 101

Sunday, November 10, 2019 9:10 AM - 10:10 AM
345 South 312th Street, Federal Way, Washington 98003

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Join us for any or all of this eight-part series for adults and teens, which seeks primarily to acclimate newcomers to the Episcopal Church, but also to educate people who've been running in Episcopal circles for a long time. Childcare is available.

Week 1, October 6: Turn.

  • Why is there all this beauty, and why is there also so much wrong with the world? What do we know of human nature? How do Episcopalians view sin, judgment, confession and repentance, heaven and hell? What are the sources of hope for Episcopal Christians?

Week 2, October 13: Learn.

  • How do we know what we know? What is the nature of the Trinity? How do we view the Bible and church history? What resources do we find most valuable for our continuing learning?

Week 3, October 20: Pray.

  • What is prayer for? What does it do? What does it not do? What practices of prayer are common to many Episcopalians?

Week 4, October 27: Worship.

  • Why do we get together once a week? Why should we come to church to pray together when the beauty of the Pacific Northwest beckons? What are the benefits of liturgy? What are sacraments, and how do we understand them?

Week 5, November 3: Bless.

  • How does our church life fit in with the rest of our lives and affect our personal relationships? How can I learn to tell my own Christian story? When are my actions more important than my words? How can my life be a blessing to other people?

Week 6, November 10: Go.

  • How does the church understand its work in the world, and how does it set priorities? What is the relationship between church and politics, especially in matters of social justice? How can we use our resources for the good of the church and the world?

Week 7, November 17: Rest.

  • How can we make the best of our limited time on earth? How can we set realistic expectations for ourselves and others? What is the role of humility in the Christian life? How might God help when there are things that we simply cannot accomplish?

Week 8, November 24: Next Steps on the Way of Love, Episcopal-Style.

  • This is a time to celebrate our journey together, to go over whatever questions remain, and to look forward to other opportunities for learning and growing at the Church of the Good Shepherd.