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An Update from the Covid Response Task Force

An Update from the Covid Response Task Force
Published by Josh Hosler on Tue, Nov 1, 2022 12:00 AM


Now that 50% of our regular on-site worshipers have received the Omicron-BA.5-specific vaccine update, our mask mandate is revoked.

We recognize that this is an artificial benchmark, and that the effectiveness of the new boosters is not firmly established. We highly recommend continuing to mask up when you're in worship, and those leading worship will certainly continue to do so.

The Covid Response Task Force also reserves the right to reinstate the mask mandate. Judging from scientists' predictions about the latest variants and how they may spread this winter, we actually predict that we will eventually do so. But for now, take this as a sort of reprieve.

if this change increases your worry about attending worship on-site, be sure to wear an N95, KN95, or similar level mask, which is actually very good at protecting you. And even if this is not enough, our online options for worship have not changed. You can join us via Zoom, Facebook, or YouTube.

Being vaccinated, boosted, and wearing a high-quality mask is still your best way to avoid COVID-19. Remember that some people have good medical reasons not to be vaccinated. Remember that while many Good Shepherd members have made it through COVID-19 with little trouble, others have become quite ill or had to be hospitalized. Please do what you can to protect others, not just yourself.