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Donating Your Stimulus Money

Donating Your Stimulus Money
Published by Josh Hosler on Thu, Jan 28, 2021 9:38 AM

To The Mirror Editor:

By now most Federal Way citizens have received their most recent Economic Impact payment from the US Government. That check will not be enough for many residents to cover their rent. A federal moratorium on evictions—effective through March 31, 2021—will keep currently-housed residents safe from immediate homelessness. But beyond that date the future is less certain for many Federal Way citizens.

Our local community has been deeply concerned for some time with ongoing housing and shelter issues. While the County has rendered the issue of homelessness virtually invisible in South King County by arranging for empty motels to be used as shelters during the pandemic, these shelters only serve those who currently have no home; and we do not know how long these shelters will continue to be available.

One thing is certain: the last thing we want to do is exacerbate homelessness by allowing at-risk renters to be forced out of their current homes. For that reason, some Federal Way pastors are inviting their congregants, and other generous community members, to consider donating their stimulus money to either:

We want to do everything we can to keep our fellow citizens properly housed during this already uncertain time.

We hope readers of The Mirror will take up this challenge with us.

The Rev. Lori Cornell, Calvary Lutheran Church
The Rev. Josh Hosler, Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd