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Good Shepherd Is Hiring!

Good Shepherd Is Hiring!
Published by Josh Hosler on Tue, Aug 2, 2022 4:50 PM

Director of Music The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Federal Way, WA

Required Skills and Competencies: The position of Director of Music requires piano and organ accompaniment skills, people skills, teaching and conducting skills, attention to both precision and artistry, technological competence, and a dedication to continuing growth in the liturgical and musical traditions of the Episcopal Church.

To be successful in this position, the right candidate will fit into a culture that values independent and creative thinking, authenticity, maturity, and collaboration, and will enjoy learning new skills quickly. The Rector and the Director of Music are colleagues overseeing the liturgical life of the congregation. Self-awareness, healthy boundaries, trustworthiness, flexibility, and grace under pressure are essential. Familiarity with the ethos of the Episcopal Church is a big plus. Any applicant must show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before being hired and must receive booster shots according to CDC recommendations.

Core duties:

  • To accompany hymn singing and perform instrumental service music at every worship service containing music.
  • To be under the supervision of and to report directly to the Rector, and to meet weekly with him to plan music for worship according to Episcopal traditions and practices in a variety of musical styles.
  • To recruit as needed and to oversee two or more college students who serve as paid choral scholars, coaching them and giving them opportunities to grow as musicians.
  • To rehearse and direct a small choir and to facilitate the sharing of their gifts in worship.
  • To work collaboratively with other musicians, including children, to form creative ensembles.
  • To share files in a cloud-based system, thus allowing for flexibility and collaboration.
  • To be available for Christmas Eve, Holy Week, the Great Vigil of Easter, and other special services.
  • To maintain systems to document music licensing for performance and online streaming, and to abide by all relevant laws.
  • To manage several budget line items responsibly and to track spending independently.
  • To have first right of refusal as musician for weddings and funerals; these events are to be compensated separately.
  • To serve as a member of the Covid Response Task Force, which meets monthly or as needed to reevaluate pandemic safety protocols. (Currently, masks are required for all on-site worshipers.)
  • In the event of an absence, to arrange for a qualified substitute musician.
  • In the event of another quarantine, to pre-record accompaniments and/or performances for online-exclusive worship.
  • Immediately upon hiring, to complete trainings “Safeguarding God’s People” and “Safeguarding God’s Children,” and to refresh these trainings every five years.

Compensation: This exempt position assumes 20 hours of work per week; it is the responsibility of the Director of Music to track approximate hours worked and to communicate clearly about what it is possible to achieve in that amount of time. Pay begins at $30,000/year and is negotiable based on experience and available skills. Benefits are available to the Director of Music through the Diocese of Olympia but must be covered personally. Enrollment in the Church Pension Fund is automatic. Sick leave, vacation, personal leave, and holidays are also offered, per the congregation’s Personnel Handbook.

Application and Hiring Process: The position is now open, and applications will be accepted until it is filled. Cover letter, resume, and references should be sent to the Rev. Josh Hosler at josh@goodshepherdfw.org.

About the Congregation: Good Shepherd was founded in the 1960s and is part of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Olympia. Currently, the congregation maintains an online-exclusive, spoken 8:00 service and a 10:30 hybrid service enabled by a tech crew. Through quarantine and beyond, average Sunday attendance remained steady at 85 to 90, though these numbers are now split between those on-site and those on Zoom, Facebook, or YouTube. The congregation is now engaged in a period of refocus and renewal.