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Good Shepherd on YouTube

Good Shepherd on YouTube
Published by Josh Hosler on Wed, Jun 22, 2022 10:03 AM

Good Shepherd's YouTube channel can be found here. We encourage all those with a Google account to subscribe.

In the spring of 2022, Good Shepherd began simulcasting our 10:30 Sunday worship service not only to Facebook, but also to YouTube. While our Facebook stream has always been available even to those without an account, YouTube is far easier to access for most people.

We don't know of any other congregation that is simultaneously ...

  • Meeting on-site,
  • Incorporating people on Zoom as if they were in the same room,
  • And streaming the whole shebang to both Facebook and YouTube.

Our tech team deserves very high praise for this ongoing accomplishment. It is due to their efforts that our congregation can include people living far away, people without adequate transportation, immuno-compromised people who choose to remain in some level of quarantine, and curious but hesitant explorers who choose for now to remain safely anonymous.

Banked here are not only our weekly 10:30 worship services, but also past online classes on a variety of topics.

Please note that the 8:00 worship service on Sundays still streams ONLY to Facebook and does not take place on-site.

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